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Cherry Jerry's Journal

Hometown Love
Bring it home with some love from the Cherry Hut! Perfect for Valentine's Day!
Price $29.95  Qty.
The Best of Benzie (#5)
More popular every year!
Price $38.95  Qty.
The Cherry Hut Northern Nine (#34)
Nine Cherry Hut Favorites that give your gift recipient a great sampling of what Northern Michigan is about!
Price $54.95  Qty.
Cherry Jerry's Choices (#25)
The Smiling Pie Faced Boy Never Steers You Wrong!FREE SHIPPING
Price $48.95  Qty.
The Michigan Morning (#3)
Get ready to have a great day when you start with the Best of Michigan!
Price $48.95  Qty.
The Great Lakes Eight (#4)
Great for the Holidays! FREE SHIPPING
Price $58.95  Qty.
The Cherry Hut Dazzler (#38)
They say that the Cherry Hut is a dazzling experience, well we can't pack it all up in a box, but we can sure try!
Price $24.95  Qty.
Delicious Delights (#30)
Sweet, Spicy, and definitely Savory
Price $48.95  Qty.
Sensational Sweets (#50)
Sensationally great Cherry Hut Products that show why Cherry Jerry is always smiling. FREE SHIPPING
Price $38.95  Qty.
The Firm Handshake (#14)
An Excellent Introduction to the Cherry Hut
Price $34.95  Qty.
Tasty 5 (#55)
...marked in the Brochure as (#43), but is definitely worthy of its own number!
Price $21.95  Qty.
The Terrific Triple (#36)
Perfect for any occasion!
Price $38.95  Qty.
The Crystal Lake Collection (#7)
Tastes and Memories of Northern Michigan
Price $61.95  Qty.
Trifecta Perfecta (#63)
Three times the fun...
Price $21.95  Qty.
Cherry Hut Spectacular (#1)
When you want to show someone they are special, give them something spectacular!
Price $55.95  Qty.
Cherry Hut Favorites (#6)
Our Most Popular Jams
Price $33.95  Qty.
Sweet & Simple (#24)
The Cherry Hut gold standard
Price $18.95  Qty.
Cherry Hut Treats (#11)
The Perfect "Thank You"
Price $18.95  Qty.
Cherry Hut Specialties (#9)
Great for the Cherry Jam Connoisseur
Price $33.95  Qty.
Box of Yum (#43)
Price $39.95  Qty.
Cherry Trio (#8)
A Tradition since 1946
Price $18.95  Qty.




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